Cowpocalypse MOOving Into the Game World

imbuygold Date: Apr/08/17 11:53:50 Views: 1343

While Blizzard is moovelous at debunking the constant moomurs of a Diablo 3 SECRET COW LEVEL, it appears that the bovine denizens of Khanduras beg to differ. diablo 3 gold. From May 15th through May 21st, players are encouraged to moove into the game to try to discover whether this is udder nonsense or if there is something to these moovelous rumoors.

From dawn on May 15 to dusk on May 21, it is also recommended that you avoid entering any strange portals that may or may not lead to alternate planes of existence. This activity cud be potentially hazardous to your health and, in the opinion of this humble civil servant, is a veally bad idea in general.