Lost Ark Guide: How Powerpass Works and How to Use It for Alts

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Lost Ark is a game that challenges you to create alternate characters. You can use them to power up your main character or simply enjoy the variety of gameplay that comes from different classes. How you use your alts is up to you. However, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have implemented a system that makes it much easier to develop your first two alts. I'm talking about PowerPass. In this guide, you will learn how  the Lost Ark  Powerpass works, what you get from it, and how to use it to create alts.

If you don't know, the Powerpass allows you to quickly level up your character to 50. You play through a short version of  Lost Ark's story with Beatrice as the narrator. The idea is that you've already lived the story, but your character has forgotten. It awakens their memories. At key moments, you will be given new skills, a new set of equipment and sent to experience the events firsthand.



How to get Powerpass Lost Ark?

You can purchase two Powerpasses for your region, but swapping regions allows you to earn two more. So don't worry about saving them in case you need to move regions. You will unlock your first Powerpass when you complete the main story quest in North Vern, Ealyn's Gift. A mail containing the Vern Powerpass item will be sent to the character you completed the quest on. You can use this Powerpass to unlock it for your entire roster.



To get a second Powerpass, you just need to complete the Adventurer's Path from the first pass you received. Once the first pass is over and you are transported to Vern Castle, you will be given another Vern Powerpass item that you can use to unlock the second and final free pass.

Once you have activated the Powerpass in your character's inventory, you can go to the character selection screen to select or create another character. When you want to start, make sure you press the Powerpass button and not the start button.




What happens when you use Powerpass?

As mentioned above, the Powerpass is designed to quickly advance your additional characters to level 50, giving you an idea of ​​the story and abilities of the class. However, you still have a lot to learn about the class at the end of the experience. The first thing you see with Powerpass is the introductory story for your class. If you're using a class you've played before, feel free to skip this one.

As with the normal start of the game, you will be taken to Trixion to choose your advanced class before going through the prologue. Again, if you've done this before, you can skip this one. After the prologue, you return to Trixion to begin the Adventurer's Path.



You can also skip the Adventurer's Path. If you've just completed the story and are familiar with how the game works, this might seem like a tempting option. However, if you do, you will miss out on a few rewards. Instead, just skip the cutscenes and go through the gameplay and conversation segments.



Powerpass experience

During the Adventurer's Journey, you fight at the Glorious Wall to save Luterra, watch Armen turn to darkness, and then set sail for the first time. Beatrice describes your journey through Tortoik and your victory in the martial arts tournament at Anikka. She will also explain what happened when you went to Artertin and you will be given more equipment and skills to fight Technologist Krause. Beatrice will then tell you about North Verne, ruled by Queen Ilin, and how you found allies to defeat the necromancer Sigmund. Finally, she talks about your journey through Shushir and your battle with the demon Akkan.



After Beatrice tells you about Shushira, she rewards you with a variety of combat items, including bombs, potions, and flares. She also gives you a chest that allows you to choose a pet. After that, you leave Trixion and go to the training ground to learn some game mechanics. You can then return to the world at Verne Castle and continue your story. At the end, you'll get Lost Ark items to ease your path, including a Beginner's Hairpin that grants 5 Charisma and a 0.5% increase to your primary stat, a chest with a horse from Prideholm, a chest with a ladybug from Tortoyk, a white wolf from Shushira, Anikka's Lion Mask, 100 Chaos Shards, and a full set of 302 gear.

The final quest will take you to the rookie instructor Ino to make sure you properly equip all of your gear. It simply repeats everything you just learned. So, go through it, take the 30,000 silver it will reward you with, and start your adventure.



These are pretty much all the items you get from the Powerpass.



Powerpass Tips and Your Alts

The fact that the Powerpass  Lost Ark  takes you to the end of Shushir is one of the reasons I recommend that you reach that point in the story with your main character before using the Powerpass to level up the alt. As I mentioned in my level 50 guide, another reason is that you will miss out on some rewards because the Powerpass automatically completes the list quests.

However, Powerpass rewards you with a free bird pet. You must select a pet with an item that you don't already have. The White Rabbit that you get from Prideholm is related to ice. So choose wind or fire. This can give you a little boost to the missions you send your ships on from the Station.



This is the pet you get for completing the Powerpass.

Your alts are a good way to channel more materials to your main character. This will help you level up your item faster and gain access to new content. I don't encourage content rushing, but your alts can help you get past item level barriers when needed. So, make sure you complete your daily dungeons and raids, as well as the weekly Abyss dungeons on your alts. You can use the catch up mechanic to complete daily quests every few days instead of every day.

As for alts, don't over-invest in them. It's expensive to keep upgrading your character with engravings, gear, gems, and all the many power tools in  Lost Ark  . So, focus on one main character and use others to diversify your gameplay. Having said that, there's nothing wrong with changing your main character if you decide you like one of your alts better.


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