Lost Ark: The complete guide to getting noble banquet outfits

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Near the end of the North Verne questline, Lost Ark players will join Thar, Knight Commander of Castle Verne, pursuing Sigmund and his criminal band of necromancers operating out of Ancient Elviria. Despite the immediate threat, the undead pose to the innocent inhabitants of Vern, observant and meticulous players can still afford to scour the corners of this dungeon for collectible Mokoko seeds.


Lost Ark: The complete guide to getting noble banquet outfits



Seed one: Under the birch


After entering the dungeon from the southeast and nimbly jumping through several gaps, the player's first impulse will be to chase the nearest quest marker and join Thar. However, after turning south and walking a short distance from the last breach, they can find the first Mokoko Seed in the dungeon, almost in plain sight.


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Second seed: big crash and a little detour


While battling northwest through the necromancer commune, the player and Thar are suddenly ambushed by a dragon, whose powerful blow sends them flying through a stone wall to the east. A relatively unharmed player can head straight south to find a Mokoko seed in the corner of this new room.



Third Seed: Along the Sacred Corridor


Passing through the Sacred Corridor - after the dragon broke through the wall, not otherwise - the player and Tar will again meet with this dragon, whose weight divides the corridor into two parts. Shortly after passing through the chasm created by the dragon, the player can find a Mokoko seed near the northern wall.



Seeds Four and Five: Beyond the Collapsing Wall


Moving south, the player encounters an arena where they fight reanimated pilgrims, war hounds, and the three necromancers responsible for summoning them. After taking out these enemies, the player can find a pair of cleverly hidden Lost Ark Mokoko seeds next to each other but hidden by the only standing part of the southernmost wall.



Sixth and Seventh Seeds: Rollback and Wall Hacking


This pair of Mokoko Seeds is behind a wall northeast of the Polluted Ruins corridor. This wall can only be passed through after the player defeats Nignath, the mid-boss of the dungeon, and returns to the ruins. To reach Nignath, the player must wear a necromancer disguise and be able to sneak past the summoning ritual taking place in the northernmost room of the Ruins, all without raising the alarm or interrupting the ceremony.



Seed Eight: Beyond the Gates


After completing the previous summoning ritual by any means, the player can leave the Polluted Ruins through the east door. Passing through the wrought iron gate on their way north, they can go back to the right of the entrance and find a lone Mokoko seed nestled between the gate and the fence.



Seed nine: Sigmund's houseplant


After Nignath is defeated, the player will take the elevator across the chasm to the last, northernmost part of the dungeon. There, Sigmund and his waves of Necromancer minions will begin to surround and overwhelm them, leading to a significant skirmish. If the player takes time out of the fight, they can find another Mokoko seed to the right of the round center section on the arena floor, next to some giant protruding roots.



Seed 10: Boss Fight Spectator


After his summoning is defeated, Sigmund will retreat to his lab, where he will pit Garum, the dragon that hit the player earlier, against the player in one-on-one combat. After Garum's defeat, Sigmund will assume his final form and fight the player himself. After both bosses are defeated, the player can find the last Mokoko seed in the dungeon, sitting northeast of Sigmund's lab under a dead tree.