Diablo 3 : Reforging Game & Community with Reaper of Souls

imbuygold Date: Apr/08/17 11:20:40 Views: 1163
Diablo 3 has been both loved and hated by fans for the past eighteen months since release. In a new column, we take a look at what has caused the controversy and how Blizzard is looking to reclaim its fans with the Reaper of Souls expansion. Read on before heading to the comments to chat. When it's all said and done, Blizzard will make many, many players very happy with the Reaper of Souls expansion.diablo 3 gold. Will it please all? Certainly and absolutely not. Sometimes haters do have to hate. But by and large, most in the community will be content with and excited about what has been done to Diablo 3, the third in a beloved series of games, none of which, for the record, was perfect at launch.