January to August, Players Can Enjoy Micro-Holidays

imbuygold Date: Apr/08/17 11:49:47 Views: 1303

Blizzard has announced the new "micro-holidays" coming in the next World of Warcraft patch. Beginning in the third week of January, these events give players an opportunity to celebrated "without making players feel like they need to participate for big rewards -- while still providing some more variety and fun", according to the site.Buy cheap wow gold!

Micro holidays take part all over Azeroth and stand outside the long established in-game events such as Brewfest, Winterveil or Hallow's End and include:

  • Call of the Scarab in January
  • Hatching of the Hippogryphs in February
  • March of the Tadpoles in April
  • Volunteer Guard Day in April
  • Spring Balloon Festival in May
  • Glowcap Festival in May
  • Thousand Boat Bash in June
  • Un'goro Madness in August

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