New Blog Outlines Patch 1.03

imbuygold Date: Apr/08/17 11:49:47 Views: 1313

The Diablo III blog has been updated with a new post by Wyatt Cheng. diablo 3 gold. In it, Cheng discusses design implementation for the upcoming v1.03 patch.

Here's what the team is working on:

    Bridging the item gap so that players don't feel compelled to use the Auction House to find the best gear and equipment. This is accomplished by increasing the drop rates.
    A continued look at Legendary items.
    Nephalem Difference: Players will no longer be guaranteed multiple rares from bosses conquered. It can stil happen but not necessarily a guarantee.
    Making solo and group play as close to the same as possible.
    Making Inferno Mode with a more reasonable difficulty curve.
    Continued evaluation of death mechanics.
    The effect of attack speed
    Lowering the cost of gem creation with your blacksmith and jeweler.