The Darkening of Tristram - Fresh Meat! (Just Gameplay)

imbuygold Date: Apr/08/17 11:49:47 Views: 1623

The Darkening of Tristram event for Diablo 3 is on the PTR for Blizzard's ARPG. We dove in head first to play the first few levels of the re-imagined Diablo 1 - and ran smack dab into the butcher. Watch the first 15 or so minutes of Diablo 1 in D3, and let us know what you think!

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Personally, I'm a little bummed that this is the big reveal at BlizzCon (along with the Necromancer), but we all know my thoughts on what's really going on at Blizzard HQ. Still, I'll admit, this is a damn fun way to celebrate 20 years of Diablo. If they're smart, they'd extend it to Diablo 2, or just finally announce a remastered HD Diablo 2 like we all want. 

Anyway, The Darkening of Tristram Event is on the PTR now, and is due out very early in January 2017, and then every January thereafter until Blizzard decides to pull the plug. It'll be worth playing to get the Butcher's Cleaver and Wirt's Leg alone.