The Great Tips For TERA Beginner

imbuygold Date: Jul/14/18 14:14:44 Views: 2683

You'd want to collect avatar weapons along the way to go through the game without much trouble. Many new players stick with their starting weapons and reward weapons from story quests because they don't either pick up relics and/or have any idea how to craft them, thus making them kill stuff a lot harder than it should be. Don't forget to enchant them, too. By the way, if any of you want to buy gold Tera, the Tera gold shop that will first come to your mind should always be We would be your strongest support in TERA, so just as us for help at any time.




You would also want to know a bit about dungeon mechanics. The usual breakdown is that the tank draws aggro from the boss, the healer keeps everyone alive, and the DPS classes to keep the damage going. You'd be looking at a 1 Tank, 3 DPS, and 1 Healer team. Though there can be teams of any sort of classes, it's not ideal. If you're a DPS, you would need to attack the boss from behind with your other two DPS buddies while the tank stays in front of the boss keeping its attention on them. 


All attacks from behind deal extra damage, so keep this in mind. (You should not try to tank as Berserker. They are considered backup tanks in level 65 dungeons where they have access to a counter and aggro-drawing skills. Unless the MAIN tank dies[Lancer/Brawler/D-stance Warrior], you should fully devote yourself to DPS-ing.).


If you're a healer, do NOT try and contribute to the teams' DPS. Healers do very minimal damage in dungeons, their priority is keeping everyone alive because that's their role. I've seen lots of new healers making mistakes like these, so keep in mind of your role as a class and what you should be doing in a dungeon. (Eventually, you would need to damage the boss with the Triple Nemesis endurance debuff, and the Energy Stars attack buff for your party if you're a Priest


Same goes for Mystic, but you should summon your Thrall of Wrath and Thrall of Vengeance to keep the damage going, along with the Volley of Curses and Contagion endurance debuffs. Overall, these are your ONLY DPS contributions in a dungeon. Let no one judge you if you kill mob enemies. It's perfectly fine.) By that I means its because gunner is DPS. DPS usually has the harder time to get in the queue because dungeons require 3 DPS, 1 tank, 1 healer, the bottleneck is tank and healer. I play tank and dungeons pop in less than a minute.