Diablo 3 : Designing the Crusader

imbuygold Date: Apr/08/17 11:29:27 Views: 1309

The latest developer update has been posted on the Diablo III community site and centers around how the Crusader was designed both from a gameplay and aesthetic perspective. It's a terrific inside look at the design process from the ground up.cheap diablo 3 gold. The Crusader will be the newest playable class when the Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls, hits live service on Tuesday, March 25th.

    Before diving into the development of the Crusader's skill set, there were some very important details that needed to be mapped out. These details were the class's core "pillars," or touchpoints that would serve as the inspiration and outline for the mechanical design of the class moving forward.

    To establish these pillars, the designers focused on the fantasy. When it came to the Crusader, one thing was clear right from the beginning: this was a big, badass melee hero who loves being in the middle of the action. Equally powerful was the idea that Crusaders are members of a holy order, possessing ranged abilities (spells) that can annihilate enemies from afar.