EA Play rewards for Madden 22, FIFA 22, Apex Legends, NHL 22 in October 2021

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It has entered October, and EA Play has promoted this month's membership rewards. The others involve tips for games such as Madden 22, FIFA 22, and Apex Legends. This article will share the EA Play October membership rewards in detail. Let's make an appearance!

EA Play rewards for Madden 22, FIFA 22, Apex Legends, NHL 22 in October 2021



Due to the fact its launch, EA has made considerable developments in its EA Play plan. The service provides subscribers access to dozens of EA games, such as classics such as the Mass Effect trilogy and Battlefield four. Xbox Game Pass subscriptions on PCs and Xbox consoles also include the service, enabling more players to access their games and privileges. One of the benefits involves month-to-month free-of-charge content for some of EA's most well-known games, such as in-game cosmetics, currency, and XP boosters.

Now, EA has announced the newest in-game rewards that EA Play subscribers can redeem in October, and subscribers can already save the "Ready Up" epic set of EA's dodge ball multiplayer shooter Knockout City. Practically everybody has some minor issues in October. EA pays particular attention to its most giant sports games, such as Madden 22, FIFA 22, and NHL 22, and delivers some things for Apex Legends players.



EA October Rewards: Madden 22

Madden 22 players should make sure to get the Ultimate Kickoff Pack for their Madden 22 Ultimate Team before the end of October 14, but October 15 also brought them two new packages. The new bag is called the scariest bag and can be used from October 15 to November 18. EA has not specified what content material will be included in the package, but judging from the release time, it may have some Halloween-themed content to be released. The free pack is a great way to help introduce Madden players to its Ultimate Team mode, and there is even a welcome pack available to EA Play subscribers to help them start using some of Madden 22 Ultimate Team's players, MUT 22 Coins and training points.



EA October Rewards: FIFA 22

EA Play subscribers can also request many different packages to help them. The first item that FIFA 22 players can get is XP Boost in the first season of the FIFA Ultimate Team game. XP Boost is available from now until November 12 and should help players get the level 30 rewards faster at the start of the season, as players try to get some of the FIFA 22 highest-rated players for their ultimate team.

The other two benefits that FIFA players can claim are more decorative, in case players get tired of the stadiums and kits already in FIFA 22. The first pack is available before November 12, providing players with two branded Adidas Firebird Apparel and 4,500 Volta coins, which can help players customize street players as they wish. The second pack is FIFA Ultimate Team Storm Stadium Set. This package is valid until October 31 and includes member-only Epic Storm Kit, Crest, Stadium Theme, and Tifo.



EA October Rewards: Apex Legends

Apex Legends' EA Play privileges have always been a neat gun charm, and players can equip them to any Apex Legends weapon, and October is no exception. Before, players could redeem the N7 badge in Mass Effect or the helmet in Star Wars, but the most recent charm comes from EA's upcoming shooting game Battlefield 2042. Named Ranger Weapon Charm, valid until November 1, it is a robot dog companion version of a cute little plastic that captured the hearts of players and fans in the reveal trailer of Battlefield 2042. To unlock the amulet, players log in to Apex Legends before November 1 and go to their loading page to permanently add the amulet to their inventory. After that, the charm will most likely not be offered again.



EA October Rewards: NHL 22

Hockey fans are also looking forward to EA's NHL 22, released on October 15. However, EA Play fans can enter the game up to ten hours in advance as part of a subscription on October 7, and players who pre-order the deluxe version can enter the game on October 12. EA Play subscribers who do this will have the opportunity to complete the exclusive Ultimate Team Challenge from October 7 to October 15. These challenges will also allow players to unlock exclusive character items, suits, NHL coins and bags before other players win the championship.

NHL 22 players can also claim the EA Play Halloween set during the Early Access period from October 7 to October 31. The bag supplies players with a World of Chel EA Play Bag, which incorporates a complete Halloween-themed makeup set, including a pair of skates, sticks, and gloves to decorate their players. It remains to be seen what these items appear like, but this is an exciting addition to the game for EA Play subscribers and can be enjoyed after the game is released. NHL 21 is available on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass for anyone who wants to check before the newest entry is released for hockey fans who have not yet checked out the EA series.


It's great to see that EA Play continues to provide subscribers with perks and bonuses on top of the extensive game library they can access. It will be interesting to see the positive aspects of EA Play subscribers and various other EA games for "Battlefield 2042". Hopefully, the plan will continue to expand for the studio's fans. As long as EA continues to support it, it seems possible.